Yes, the rumor you have been hearing is true.

After working in the previous ad tech company altogether for more than 5 years, Augustin, Jessica, Pierre-Lou and Vincent decided to start a new venture of their own at the end of 2020 and founded Grasp, a SaaS suite that is dedicated to ensuring advertisers of operational excellence throughout the digital media buying processes, by offering a unique, automated QA solution.

Passionate by how technology and algorithms can revolutionize the digital marketing landscape, the 4 founders come from an international background with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and complex SaaS infrastructure.

Pierre-Lou | CEO

Before Grasp, Pierre-Lou was the cofounder and CEO of MakeMeReach, which was sold to Perion Group in 2013 at $13M. He has 10+ years of experience in MarTech with executive leadership roles across engineering, product and business operations. In his spare time, Pierre-Lou is passionate for photography and he enjoys renovating his real-estate projects from A-Z all by himself.

Pierre-Lou holds an IT Engineering Degree from EPITA.

Jessica | Business Ops

Jessica has 8 years of experience in MarTech managing business operations in France, USA and China on brand, agency and tech partner’s sides. She has a track record in driving exponential revenue growth from enterprise accounts and in new markets. Jessica speaks Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, French and English fluently.

Jessica holds an MSc in Marketing Degree from HEC Paris.

Augustin | Product

Augustin is THE product design guru and a front-end developper with 8 years of experience in MarTech. The UI/UX designed by Augustin on any tech products has always been very much loved and celebrated by their users. Before Augustin embarked on his more “serious” career years ago, he had created the Chrome extension “Color My Facebook” which generated 3 million downloads.

Augustin holds an Engineering Degree from HETIC.

Vincent | Engineering

Vincent is the tech expert and brings in more than 10 years of expertise in complex MarTech SaaS infrastructures. Previously Vincent worked as CTO at MakeMeReach and led a team of more than 30 developers. The solution he and his team built served hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Tech aside, Vincent “retired” after failing to become a magician and is now consecrating his time to table tennis.

Vincent holds an IT Engineering Degree from EPITA.

The 4 founders of Grasp are excited that the band is back together, with every member bringing their own expertise to set Grasp for a strong start for success.

Besides striving to build powerful ad tech to solve industry challenges, the founding team also shares the strong idea that a successful startup is also about a culture, a community, and a state of mind. Grasp believes in diversity, humanity and a sense of belonging.

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